Kahoot Smasher Online Unblocked Extension To Hack Kahoot Online

Kahoot Smasher is a sophisticated chrome extension specially designed to hack kahoot. It is using to add unlimited bots to the game. Smasher tool can be used easily to prank your teacher by generating more players of your kahoot game. The tool is very helpful & work smart to disturb the kahoot by sending unlimited bots to its server instantly.

Download Kahoot Smasher

Note: This tool is only available for chrome users not yet for mozilla. This tool is available on Google Chrome extensions as beta version, which can be easily added to your Google Chrome Browser. If you could not easily get the smasher, you can download it directly from the given link below.

Attention: Using such hacking tool is not a legal way to disturb this educational platform.

How to Use Kahoot Smasher ?

Step 1: The first thing you need to visit the official website of Kahoot. Now login into your kahoot game account.

Step 2: Next, go to the Google Chrome Webstore Page and find for Kahoot Smasher or you can get the link from above to add it to your chrome extension.

Step 3: When Smasher is successfully added to your chrome browser, now its time to launch it.

Step 4: Click on Kahoot Smasher icon on your chrome browser. It would ask for PIN, Enter your Kahoot USER pin and hit Enter.

Step 5: A new webpage will be presented and you would see magically unlimited bots will spam the kahoot instantly.
Guys, This was all about how to use kahoot smasher on your Google Chrome browser to hack kahoot. It works best to spam your kahoot instantly at your school/College.

Important Note: If this tool does not work to hack kahoot, You should use our online tools that described in 10 steps follow all steps carefully presented on this website. That work 100%.

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