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Kahoot is indeed the best quiz tech revolution tool for both Teachers and students. It is completely free & top notch platform for students quiz competition. The tool has gain popularity in recent time when most of organizations (schools/institutes/universities) start using it. However, most of the students today fool kahoot system by using some unethical ways. It includes online tools like, Kahoot spam, Kahoot Hack and Ninja Kahoot.

Since all the above mentioned tools stop working when play it during the quiz competition. In, today article i will present you the best & verified kahoot crasher tool that would really helping you in crashing the kahoot game instantly.

Crash Kahoot is yet another best tool which help in flooding the kahoot session. It sends unlimited bots to the kahoot server, Hijeck the kahoot database & bring back with kahoot auto answers. It also control the IPs of individual kahoot user during Kahoot quizzing.

What is Kahoot Crasher ?

Before, you play with it, let me introduce it with you guys.

Kahoot Crasher is a very sophisticated & powerful tool which is officially designed by our back-end developers. It is free of cost to use & you don’t need to send even a single penny.

Kahoot Crasher is a spamming tool for kahoot user. It helps to hack the kahoot server by sending bots to the kahoot server database. It fetch auto answers from kahoot database & display the output result by putting the correct value ( answer/tick marks) for the user login with crasher ninja online tool.

It is our first phyton based hacking tool which work in real time while playing kahoot. It does not need to reload the page for generating kahoot bots. All you need to to send the kahoot bots by using kahoot crasher unblocked tool.

How to Use Kahoot Crasher bots Tool ?

This is a simple process and whole automated system, All you need to Press the Kahoot Crasher button for connecting the tool with kahoot server. Here is a simple way to let you know how it works.

  • 1: Click on Crasher Button at the top
  • 2: Tool will start analyzing the data
  • 3: Waiting for connecting to the Kahoot Server
  • 4: Getting IPs address for your locations
  • 5: Fetching Data with Auto kahoot answers
  • 6: Bring data back to the users.
  • 7: Unblocking Kahoot Crasher at your school
  • 8: Boom you have assigned the correct answers.
  • 9: Enjoy!

Why Kahoot Bots Crasher Online Tool does not Work ?

Being a US citizen it seems hard to unblocked your school/college IPs using this tool. Because, the kahoot itself is registered in US. Due to frequently attacked on kahoot server, they sometime turned/off upcoming unblocked IPs which generates error for you. Solution >> [ Try to use VPN or change the Ip address of your Phone/Device. ] Don’t leave the page until it reach 100% & making the results.

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